Manatee County: Land Development Code

Chapter 4: Zoning Section

403: Overlay Districts

403.13. Whitfield Residential Overlay District (WR).

A. Purpose and Intent. The WR District is established to: (1) officially designate areas having special and substantial public interest in protection of existing or proposed character, or of principal view of, from, or through the WR Overlay District; (2) Provide additional land use controls to protect the established, primarily residential character of that part of Manatee County previously known as the “Whitfield Zoning District.”

B. Boundaries. The WR District corresponds generally to the area outlined as WR in the Official Zoning Atlas. This zoning classification is not intended to be applied elsewhere in Manatee County.

C. Use and Dimensional Regulations. In addition to, any other requirements of this Code, the following regulations shall apply to all land in the WR District used or developed for residential dwelling units on individual lots.

1. Front Yard Setbacks. The front yard setback shall be thirty (30) feet except that the front yard setback shall be forty (40) feet for all property platted as part of Ballentine Manor Estates Subdivision, as shown in Plat Book 2, Page 136, of the Official Records of Manatee County, Florida.

2. Minimum Floor Area.
• Single Family Detached: 1,400 sq. ft.
• All Other Residential: 950 sq. ft./dwelling unit

3. Accessory Uses and Structures. This section applies to all residential uses.

a. Accessory uses and structure(s) shall not be located in any required yard other than a rear yard except for statues, arbors, trellises, flagpoles, planters, mailboxes, outdoor lighting, or similar structures; or fences in the side yard.

b. An accessory structure(s), when allowed, shall not occupy more than twenty-five (25) percent of a required rear yard area.

4. Fences and Hedges. No fence or hedge shall be erected or maintained in the front yard of a residence. Shrubbery and trees may be planted around the building foundation and may be used as accent plantings in ornamental islands and along entrance walkways or driveways. Plantings along driveways and entrance walkways shall be limited to thirty (30) inches in height. In no instance, however, shall such shrubbery or hedges be planted along front property lines or sidewalks. No fence within the W R Overlay District shall exceed six (6) feet in height.

Amended and Restated Land Development Code
Manatee County: Land Development Code

For the purpose of the Whitfield Residential Overlay District, hedge shall mean a row of closely planted shrubs, bushes, or other vegetative screening, forming a boundary or restrictive barrier.

5. Parking of Restricted Vehicles. No restricted vehicle, shall be parked or stored, on the streets and lands within the WR District, including front, rear and side yards, unless the vehicle is contained entirely within an attached carport or garage on the premises. This restriction shall not prohibit the outdoor parking of:

a. Commercial vehicles engaged in construction, transportation, or other temporary service at the premises where they are parked.
b. Vehicles whose registered owner or lessee is the guest of the owner or lessee of the premises; provided however, that such parking in no case shall exceed forty-eight (48) consecutive hours nor more than seventy-two (72) accumulated hours in any one (1) thirty (30) day period.

Chapter 2: Definitions – Vehicles

“Restricted Vehicle” shall mean any vehicle that qualifies as one of the following:

Type A: A commercial vehicle.

Type B: Motor homes, campers and house trailers, or any other vehicle in which the interior contains the facilities for any two (2) or more of the following personal needs: sleeping, food preparation, or toilet.

Type C: Boats of any size regardless of whether the boat rests on a trailer or other supporting structure, except when docked in a navigable waterway or suspended from a davit immediately adjacent to a navigable waterway.

Type D: Trailers and other vehicles which are not self-propelled and which are designed to be moved by other vehicles which are self-propelled.

“Commercial Vehicle” shall mean any motor vehicle (including mobile homes or recreational vehicles) that qualifies as one of the following:

A. Is designed, altered or used principally for business, governmental, institutional, or non-profit organizational purposes;

B. Has a platform, cabinet, box, rack, compartment, or other facility for transportation of materials, equipment, and items other than the personal effects of private passengers or for carrying passengers for hire;

C. Conspicuously displays the name or other advertising of the business, agency or organization on the exterior thereof, resulting in a total of more than six (6) square feet of sign area on the vehicle;

D. Is designed to carry passengers for hire; or

E. Has a rated gross payload of three-quarter (¾) ton or greater.