By Norm Luppino

Public hearings to change the Future Land Use (FLU) Designation of the former Whitfield Presbyterian Church property have been scheduled for January 17th and February 7th.  The 8.2-acre site is part of the 1926 Whitfield Estates subdivision and consists of unbuilt streets and platted lots (see sketch).

The site is currently designated OL (Office Light) along U.S. 41 (indicated by pink on the map) and RES-3 (Residential 3 d.u./acre) in the back (indicated by beige).   The request is to change the FLU designation to ROR (Retail/Office/Residential) for the entire site.

If this change is approved, the property would be eligible for an array of commercial uses and residential development.  Because the property is within a coastal designation, county staff has indicated,if approved, a maximum of 38 dwelling units could be permitted and a maximum of 134,000 square footage of office or commercial could be permitted with future site plan submittals to the County.

This change will extend the commercial designation significantly further back from U.S. 41 than what currently exists on adjacent properties south of Bowlees Creek in our neighborhood.  In addition, the back portion is surrounded on three sides by residential uses.


We will discuss this proposed change at our January Association meeting and look forward to your input.